The Ultimate Guide to Unbiased Recruitment 2022

When we started working with a more unbiased approach, the main purpose was to help our clients in making better hiring decisions. In addition to creating a more fair and exciting candidate experience. So every applicant could have the same chance to show their competencies and skills. Without being judged by their background or appearance. We therefore put together a guide in unbiased recruitment where we have collected our insights and advice for your convenience.

Our approach specifically aims at the fundamentals for creating a sustainable recruitment process that mitigates human bias. Because we believe that having a fair process promotes openness, which ultimately will boost inclusion and lead to diversity. Today, there is also a strong business case for unbiased recruitment since organizations with greater levels of diversity achieve better financially, as well as being more innovative and creative.

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This is a guide on how to create a more inclusive recruitment process and why you should do it. We hope it will help recruiters, hiring managers and organizations to see the benefits of not allowing preconceived opinions, the subconscious mind or unconscious biases interfere with the hiring process.

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– Types of recruitment biases
– How to create an unbiased approach
– How technology can help mitigate bias

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