Unbiased recruitment starts at the beginning

Unbiased hiring is a recruitment methodology focused on selecting future colleagues based on their skills and competencies. But it can be difficult for a human interviewer to assess all candidates without having bias or preconceived ideas about whether a candidate will fit in to an organisation. With Tengai, HR-professionals can gather large amounts of data in an objective way. The 18-minute long digital screening interview is fun for candidates and helps recruiting teams push bias further down the recruitment funnel.

Tengai is proven to create a fair screening process 

Quality insights

Every candidate is assessed through a data-driven method 

Candidate convenience

The screening interview can be done anywhere and at any time

Unbiased by design

Validated to contribute to a more objective interview process 

AI developed for unbiased screening

Using artificial intelligence (AI) to automate the screening interview, can create a more fair and data-driven recruitment process. AI is objective so any analysis will be scientifically factual. It can also deal with volumes of work much more quickly. In an industry where speed is key to hiring the best talent, it makes sense for organizations to become early adopters of the technology as AI can reduce the time to hire by many days.

Read how Pophouse Entertainment used Tengai in a high-volume recruitment process. 

Treat every applicant with dignity

The framework behind Tengai is a combination of conversational AI and an unbiased hiring methodology. This approach have been carefully formulated by a diverse team of recruiters and psychometric specialists. With Tengai, candidates also get instant feedback after completing the screening interview. Unlike a static video interview where you record yourself answering questions, conversational AI engages candidates in real-time. Because we believe that job-seekers deserve to get useful feedback from the screening process, even if they aren’t invited for an interview.

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Made by recruiters, for recruiters

With Tengai, recruiters get access to structured data which makes it possible to quickly identify matches between candidates and jobs, and streamline a taxing process. This includes both individual reports and a candidate shortlist, where you easily can see how applicants compare to each other. Tengai helps you to select candidates with the right competencies to invite for the first interview. Inviting the right applicant, with the right competencies to the initial interview, will help you save countless hours. Our standard plan always includes the option to customize and add screening questions. The user-friendly software is designed to give recruiters full transparency and control over the recruitment process, from start to finish.

Customer success stories

Åsa Edman Källströmmer TNG VD

With Tengai, we gained a scientific way to compare and select the best candidates. Without letting gut-feeling affect the decision. I am convinced that Tengai will contribute to a more sustainable labor market. Which is completely in line with our vision at TNG. 

Åsa Edman Källströmer

Power your favorite tools

Now you can integrate Tengai into your applicant tracking systems to create a seamless process. No code needed. It’s just that easy to make your ATS even more powerful.

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