Have Your Own Walk-through Demo

Does your company want to be one of the first to get its own Tengai – the world’s first unbiased interview robot? Well, it is time to book a demo and secure a spot on the waiting list. 

Tengai is an unbiased social interview robot that marries 15-years of experience of unbiased recruitment with the lastest AI technology. The innovative robot conducts a scientific, digital assessment while also offering a physical and more honest interview experience. This hybrid interview and assessment TA Tech tool will create a more fair recruitment process by delivering structured interview data to hiring managers. While also mitigating unconscious bias and help identify better-matched candidates.

The media interest and requests from the HR-community around the world have been great! And many companies want to be early adopters of this new innovative recruitment technology to reach their diversity goals faster.

On popular demand, we have created a Waiting List so you can pre-book your own Tengai. Submit your information, and we will let you know where you are on the Waiting List* and give you a walk-through demo of how Tengai can assist your recruitment process.

* Claiming a spot on the Waiting List, does not obligate you to purchase. It just grants you the right to your number as interest increases.