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We have developed our interview software so you easily can tailor and follow your process from beginning to end. With Tengai Recruit you can initiate the automatic interviews and get access to the Tengai Performance Indicator™. In Tengai Recruit you can rank the personality traits and soft skills to match your requirements. This user-friendly recruitment software also gives you the option to listen to interview audio scoring and manually assess soft-skill questions.

Stay On Track

Monitor the results from your interviews, check the initial Personality Indicator™ and choose to get more involved with the highest performers.

Remarkable Interview Analytics

Organizations are suffering from bad recruitment outcomes because they lack objective, measurable candidate scoring. When implementing the automatic robot interview you get an objective HR-tech tool that scores personality traits and soft-skills. And providing you with a data-driven report where you can compare candidate scoring. With our software Tengai Recruit™, you can regain control over the recruitment process and tailor the interview assessment to fit your specific hiring needs.

Reaching Your Organizations Diversity Goals With Fair Software

The traditional job interview is proven to be inefficient for business and unfair to candidates. Because humans aren’t capable of making objective decisions. This has pushed us to rely more on Artifical Intelligence (AI). But with AI playing a more important role in organizations, it’s becoming clear that moral and ethical guidelines are needed.

At Tengai AB, we want to ensure a completely transparent process and fair software. So to increase the chance of getting a better evaluation and creating systems without bias, we have a cross-disciplinary team that can share their diverse perspectives. Our team therefore consists of software developers, recruiters, marketing specialists, and mathematicians, from diverse backgrounds.

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