Automate the screening and include all your candidates

We designed our recruitment automation software to be intuitive and transparent, so you easily can tailor and follow your process from beginning to end. With Tengai, you get access to validated candidate recommendations and conversational AI that enhances the candidate experience. The user-friendly interface gives you the option to listen to interview audio before you decide on which candidate to invite for the first interview.

With these four simple steps, Tengai will help streamline a taxing process and make the screening phase fun again.

1. Customize the assessment profile

Select what type of evaluation you want Tengai to do. By default the basic evaluation is selected when you create a new assignment. But you can also tailor the evaluation profile based on a role- or demand analysis. Our standard plan always include the option to customize and add questions to the screening interview. 

Rank soft-skills & add screening questions

With Tengai you have the option to rank traits between high, medium and low. If you realize that the position actually requires a different set of soft-skills. You can always change the evaluation focus at any time during the process. Tengai will adjust the assessment and scoring automatically.

*In this step you can also add specific screening questions you want to include.

2. Integrate your ATS

Integrate Tengai with your favorite ATS and see your candidates move through the interview funnel automatically. This will allow you to spend time where it matters and cut a taxing process. 

You can also work with triggers in your ATS and use Tengai to send candidates automatic feedback after they complete the screening. At Tengai, we work with some of the most popular ATS solutions to ensure a streamlined process with maximum efficiency.

Customer success story

— I haven’t found another solution on the market than can ensure a completely bias-free process. By using Tengai, we have successfully upgraded our recruitment process to be focused on competency.

Havva Ilhan
Deputy Head of HR, Upplands-Bro Municipality

3. Engage candidates 

Next is the digital pre-screening interview, which is scheduled by Tengai together with the candidate to increase convenience and include more applicants. During the screening interview, candidates are asked a series of questions related to their personality and behavior. Which results in valuable information for the recruiter to have in the early stages of the recruitment funnel.

Include all job-seekers

The interactive meeting is not just exciting for candidates but it also makes it possible to include all your applicants. So you don’t risk missing top talent. 

Personalized interview feedback

Throughout the interview, candidates can get instant feedback from their conversation before the results are sent to the recruiter in the next step. This feature was highly requested by both candidates and clients as it provides an idea of how Tengai interprets the data.

4. Get data-driven recommendations

Once the first interview is completed you gain access to an objective shortlist with candidate data. The recruitment automation software is designed to be intuitive and help you to get to know your candidates better. No expert knowledge of psychometrics is needed and the final report is easy to understand for everyone.

Pick the right person for the job

Now you can move on and start inviting candidates to have face-to-face interviews so you can identify the right candidate for the job. As a result from using an unbiased recruitment methodology, you will become more inclusive. Which will help you find hidden top talent and simultaneously assist you in reaching your diversity and inclusion goals faster.

Listen & score interview audio

To really get a sense of who your candidates are, you can listen and manually score how each candidate answered on questions related to past behavior. 

Why do candidates love Tengai?

The science behind

Tengai’s framework is validated to accurately assess candidate’s personality and predict future behavior. By combining several approaches, our recruitment automation software got a better assessment to predict candidate’s future work performance. This approach was developed by a team of diverse HR-professionals with over 15 years of experience in unbiased recruitment. So when you get the final shortlist with candidate recommendations, you can feel confident that it has correct scoring.