About Us

Tengai AB is a Stockholm based HR-tech startup developing the world’s first unbiased interview robot. A mission that requires a diverse team of specialists in HR, tech, marketing and recruitment. Together we work for a sustainable job market where candidates’ are getting equal opportunity.

The Team Behind Tengai

Elin Öberg

Elin Öberg Mårtenzon


Elin is a leader and a visionary recruitment pioneer, driven to change, improve and innovate the field of HR and recruitment. With over 15 years’ experience in HR-strategies, and a background from the IT-recruitment industry in Sweden. She has served in director roles, at global recruitment players as well as start-ups. Today, she is the CEO at Tengai where she works relentlessly to make the employment market accessible to everyone. Equality is her motivation and Tengai is an extension of her personal values.

Elin is an active keynote speaker on the subjects of the future of recruitment and HR-tech disrupt. She recognizes how important talent sourcing is to have a successful business and therefore argues selecting candidates based on their future potential. Elin puts her finger on real current challenges and speaks with great enthusiasm about combining the recruitment process with exciting technological solutions.

Recent speaking engagements:

Vanja Tufvesson

Chief Technology Officer

Vanja has a master’s degree in mathematics and over six years of experience as a software developer from a range of industries and companies. As a co-founder of Pink Programming, she teaches thousands of women to code. And in 2019 Vanja was awarded ”Female Founder of the Year” by DI Digital in Sweden. In her role as CTO, her mission is to develop Tengai and make sure that the robot is meeting market expectations. Vanja is a passionate speaker and continues to share her insights on diversity and inclusion at many events and companies such as Google, iZettle, and King. With a clear goal to change the perception of who can be a developer or a tech person, and how technology can be used.

Sinisa Strbac

Chief Product Officer

Sinisa has been involved in programming and training Tengai from the start. With over 12 years’ experience in the recruiting industry, he identifies and solves the greatest challenges that come in training the robot to evaluate and validate candidates’ answers against the competency framework. Today he is the official CPO and Chief Robot Trainer and is responsible for the day-to-day progress, including managing the development teams. With a background in recruitment and international business management, he has worked for several staffing and recruitment companies. During his time at TNG, Sinisa has been the driving force behind the recruitment agency’s unbiased anonymous assessment strategy.

Charlotte Ulvros

Chief Marketing and Experience Officer

Charlotte is a committed and driven leader, project manager and specialist in one. She is also heading up TNG’s digital development, sales, and marketing team. And working aimlessly to spread the word about unbiased recruitment. To her, customers and job seekers are equally important. Therefore, she every day strives to deliver the best candidate and customer experience in the market. As an example of this, she initiated and executed an automated transparent candidate experience. Where jobseekers can follow their job application through the entire recruitment process in real-time. Her knowledge of candidate experience, consumerism and marketing is something she brings into the Tengai team.

Debora Hermele

Marketing Specialist

Debora is a driven communicator, with a focus on international marketing and English content. She spent over five years in Los Angeles working as a PR specialist and gaining her degree in communication studies. Today, she is the Marketing Specialist at Tengai, where she actively is developing the website, marketing strategy, coordinating event participation, and managing all company social media.

Alexandra Antgren

Robot Test Lead

Alexandra is an Industrial Engineering & Management student at LTH with a technical profile focused on computer science. As the Robot Test Lead at Tengai, she is coordinating the team of Robot Testers and ensuring the quality of the robot and candidate experience. Alexandra is also a board member at Pink Programming where she actively is working towards a more equal tech industry.

William Göransson

Robot Test Coordinator

William is an HR-student with a focus on psychology, who currently is researching technology and job interviews. Today, he works as a robot test coordinator at Tengai where he is testing and analyzing the robot to ensure quality. He has a burning interest in unbiased recruitment. And has been working with that as a recruiter at TNG for the past two years.

Sara Dalvig

Robot Test Coordinator

Sara is Computer Science student at Malmö University, with a focus on application development. Today, she is also working part-time as a Robot Test Coordinator at Tengai to help develop the robot and enhance the user experience. She has previous experience with startups in both Sweden and Australia and enjoys the bustling environment such a workplace provides.

Philip Montagu-Evans

Fullstack Developer

Philip is a creative and ambitious soul with an entrepreneurial mindset. Working fullstack, but is educated as a system developer and holds a certificate in blockchain technology for the Ethereum platform. Outside of work he spends most of his time being an awesome dad. Philip is the founder and frontman of the band Mos Isley. 

Marita Liposinovic

Robot Test Coordinator

Marita is a Computer Engineering student at KTH juggling her thesis, and voluntary work in two organizations – Datatjej and Kulturföreningen Tellus. At Tengai she is working on its user experience. All of these refelct her main interests which can be summed up to equality, coffee, film and nerding out with software and data.

Gustav Wall

Robot Test Coordinator

Gustav has a big interest in UX Design and Research and is working part-time as Robot Test Coordinator at Tengai. Developing products with the user experience in mind and making them understandable, usable and enjoyable is a big passion of his.  Apart from his work at Tengai he also composes music for films as a freelancer.

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