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Do you live in Stockholm or Malmö and want to contribute to a sustainable job market and research to an unbiased recruitment process? Now, we are looking for volunteer robot testers to meet our interview robot Tengai. Please register your interest and submit your information at the bottom of this page. 

Our goal with Tengai is to make the recruitment process more fair and objective. And to reach our goal we need to disrupt the traditional job interview process with a data-driven, automated scoring of job seekers. As well as, a user experience above the average that predicts future work performance objectively, while also assisting companies in hiring more efficiently and bias-free. And as a robot tester, you will meet Tengai, and be interviewed as you would in a real job interview.

Now, we are looking for you who want to volunteer as a robot tester and give us one hour of your time to assist us with ensuring the quality of the robot and thus the candidate experience!



The interviews will be ongoing in Stockholm and Malmö. Starting in October, 2019.


Stockholm: Pyramidvägen 7. Malmö: Malmöhusvägen 1.


We just want 1 hour of your time!

Your Profile?

Anyone that is fluent in Swedish or English (with or without an accent) can be a robot tester!

Why You Should Be a Robot Tester

Make a Difference!

  • You will be one of the first in the world to be interviewed by a social robot. Not a chatbot, but a real robot!
  • You contribute to a sustainable labour market where competency is in focus regardless of name, your ethnicity, socio-economic background, experience, age or gender.
  • You are helping us and decreasing discrimination on the job market.
  • You will have a lot of fun and gain a unique experience to bring with you in future work experience.

When you volunteer as a robot tester you will not receive monetary compensation. But we hope you find it meaningful to be a part of and contribute to develop the world’s first interview robot.

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