Tengai: The Objective Recruitment Interview Tool

Tengai Unbiased is a recruitment tool and the world’s first social interview AI-robot. The innovative robot is redefining the traditional job interview by mitigating unconscious bias while creating a more transparent and fair interview process. Below you will find the recruitment solutions and tools we offer today or will release soon.

Tengai performs effective, blind interviews with competency- and situational-based questions. She also produces interview analytics, as well as interview candidate scoring.  As a result, recruiters and hiring managers get support to make data-driven hiring decisions.

The analytics will help them focus on the skills and competencies needed for the tasks at hand and not gut feeling. The results are more diverse teams that will add to the company culture and the company’s bottom line.

“We push the boundaries in how we recruit, by utilizing digital advancement and the latest artificial intelligence technology.”

– Karl Öhlander, Director of Local Government in Upplands-Bro municipality, Tengai’s first client

Tengai Select

– Available now, exclusively for the Swedish market

Tengai Select is a service developed by Swedish unbiased recruitment and staffing agency TNG. When the robot interview is integrated into TNG’s unbiased recruitment process the result is more effective, objective and fair. As a result, Tengai delivers more diverse candidates with higher quality and retention rate.

Want to know more? Contact us today or visit TNG:s homepage for more information about Tengai Select.

Coming Soon!

Tengai Stand Alone Unit – English and Swedish

Early 2020

A stand-alone unit of Tengai in English and Swedish will be released at the beginning of 2020. This interview robot will be able to conduct automated job interviews at the clients’ locations. As well as delivering interview analytics and transcripts with AI-powered interview scoring.

Tengai Highlights
  • Social AI-robot performs blind interviews
  • An objective tool to measures soft skills and personality traits
  • Interview transcripts with recommended candidate evaluation and scoring
  • Unbiased and data-driven hiring decisions
  • Fair and honest candidate experience
  • Time and cost-efficient recruitment process
  • Credible and innovative employer brand
  • GDPR compliant

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