Automatic Screening and Assessment Tool

We are offering you an automatic recruitment solution tool and the world’s first social interview AI-robot, that can measure candidate’s general work performance. Because today we know that the traditional job interview is ineffiecient, unfair and expensive. Our innovative solutions are redefining the recruitment process by mitigating unconscious bias and creating a more fair interview experience. Below you will find our recruitment solutions and tools we offer today or will release soon.

Our automatic robot interview is validated and has been scientifically proven to, without unconscious bias, to conduct structured interviews that measure job seeker’s future general work performance. It is through our Tengai Performance Indicator (TPI), that delivers a data-driven scoring that you can use to make an objective and fair hiring decision.

This is changing the game for organizations who value objectivity in their recruitment processes. But it is also leveling the playing field for candidates since the robot interview is completely blind, which means that Tengai won’t take notice of the job seekers appearance, sex, or age.

“We push the boundaries in how we recruit, by utilizing digital advancement and the latest artificial intelligence technology.”

– Karl Öhlander, Director of Local Government in Upplands-Bro municipality, Tengai’s first client


Now you can lease one or several robots to perform completely automatic interviews at your preferred location, to speed up a recruitment process, and get a higher quality hiring outcome. This flexible solution will help to identify qualified candidates and make the first selection through automatic robot interviews with the Tengai Robot

Specifically developed to assist recruiters and hiring managers in making objective and measurable decisions. At the same time providing candidates with heightened interview experience, free from unconscious bias and discrimination.


Tengai Robot
The automatic and social interview robot that objectively scores and collects interview data to predict
the candidate’s future work performance, using conversational AI.

Tengai Recruit™
Our user-friendly software where you can tailor, track, and follow your recruitment process and interviews. Get remarkable reports and qualify your decision process.

Tengai Performance Indicator (TPI)™
An unbiased recruitment methodology that objectively measures personality traits and behaviour, both
automatically and manually.


The Process


  • Tengai Robot arrives at your preferred location
  • Get access to our software Tengai Recruit
  • Tailor the Tengai Performance Indicator(TPI) to fit the hiring requirements and specific position


  • Invite candidates’ to conduct the structured robot interview with the Tengai Robot
  • Option to refine the process even further by listening to interview audio of selected candidate’s soft skills answers


  • Receive an automatic, data-driven shortlist with the highest scoring candidates
  • Conduct personal interviews with final candidates to ensure motivation and drive
  • Make a data-driven and objective hiring decision!

Customer Stories

Read how our clients have implemented the robot interview in their recruitment process. And how you can tailor the interview scoring to identify your next employee!

Why Tengai?


Scientifically validated robot interview that provides an unbiased shortlist of recommended candidates.

Unbiased Interview

By keeping bias out of the interview, the right candidates with the right competencies will surface.


Possible to have more interiews since Tengai can conduct 7 times more interviews than a human recruiter.

Low Cost

Save up to 90% of the interview expenses and an overall decrease in cost for wrong hires.

Ready to find your next talent?

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