Validated screening software for public sector hiring

Having a digital and efficient hiring process is important for both candidates and recruiters. Especially when there are many applicants and state agencies are trying to compete against the private sector. With Tengai, the public sector can move away from analog processess and automate the pre screening employment phase. This will not only support better hiring decisions but will increase the candidate experience and attract top talents.

Tengai meet strict compliance regulations

Swedish & English

Understands different dialects and candidates can be screened from anywhere

Easy integrations

No code is needed to integrate Tengai into your ATS and create a seamless process

GDPR compliant

Meets the public sector’s privacy and security standards

Municipality trends: Digitalization

The public sector is using more and more technology to ensure quality and increase efficiency. Because having analog processes makes it challenging to keep track of candidate data and follow GDPR regulations. Developing a digital hiring method collects all information in one place and assists recruiters with structured data. This makes it possible to quickly identify matches between candidates and jobs, so you select candidates with the right competencies to invite for the first interview. Our standard plan always includes the option to customize and add screening questions. 

State and local hiring

The Upplands-Bro Municipality faced urgent recruitment challenges and difficulties due to the Corona pandemic. Especially critical was the pool of substitutes for care and welfare positions, where the need continues to increase. To scale efficiently and reduce the risk of bias at the interview stage, Tengai was implemented to screen potential new employees. By automating the screening interview, it became possible to interview hundreds of applicants in just a couple of days. So all candidates could be included in the process.

Learn how Upplands-Bro Municipality used Tengai to create an unbiased candidate screening.

of candidates could give a more honest answer in the Tengai interview than to a human recruiter

Recruit and hire top talent

In the wake of Covid-19, recruiters in the public sector noticed that candidates actually preferred to have a digital screening interview when they started implementing physical interviews again. Many job seekers like the flexibility and having a digital meeting to understand if they are interested in the position. When municipalities use Tengai, they are perceived as innovative and ahead of their time. This attracts new talents that otherwise might be missed. With Tengai, there is no need to coordinate busy schedules, and every applicant is assured to get instant feedback after completing the screening interview. Candidates also appreciate the bias-free interview and how they never are judged by what the clothes they wear or how it looks in the room where they are sitting. 

Customer success stories

Patrik Reman

– Tengai made it easier for us, better for the candidate and quality-assured the process at the same time. I see a lot of opportunities in HR-tech right now and how AI can help municipalities process large volumes of data. 

Patrik Reman
HR Manager, Competence Unit at Gävle Municipality

Havva Ilhan Upplands-Bro och Tengai

– When it comes to the interview, I haven’t found another solution on the market ensures a completely bias-free process. By using Tengai, we have successfully been able to upgrade our recruitment process to be focused on competency. 

Havva Ilhan
Deputy Head of HR, Upplands-Bro Municipality

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