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​Tengai Unbiased in Validation Study by Renowned Psychometric Professor

Recruitment tool and interview robot Tengai Unbiased is conducting a validation study. The study will scientifically evaluate how consistent and accurate the robot interview analytics are. It's also designed to measure effectiveness and results to ensure client satisfaction. The research starts in the Summer 2019 &is conducted by Associate Professor Anders Sjöberg, CEO at Psychometrics Sweden AB.

New Chief Technoloy Officer Appointed For Unbiased Social Interview Robot Tengai

Tengai AB that produces Tengai Unbiased, the social interview robot and recruitment tool, is now taking its technical development to the next level and appoints Vanja Tufvesson as Chief Technology Officier (CTO). Tufvesson is the Co-Founder of Pink Programming, and in 2019 she was awarded “Female Founder of the Year” in Sweden.

Årets kvinnliga grundare, Vanja Tufvesson, ny CTO för fördomsfria intervjuroboten Tengai

​Utvecklingen av världens första fördomsfria AI-intervjurobot Tengai fortsätter. För att ta produktutvecklingen till nästa steg, säkerställa den tekniska grunden samt möta marknadens intresse kring HR-tech-verktyget anställer Tengai AB nu Vanja Tufvesson som Chief Technology Officer. Vanja är medgrundare till Pink Programming och blev i våras utsedd till årets kvinnliga grundare av DI Digital.

AI-Interview Robot Tengai Goes Incorporated - Focus on International Expansion

AI-interview robot Tengai, developed by Swedish unbiased staffing- and recruitment agency TNG on Furhat Robotics robot platform, will go incorporated as Tengai AB. The goal with the venture is to meet the high market demand from the HR-community and fully be able to focus on an international expansion.

Tengai Unbiased New Website is Launched

On Wednesday, July 3rd Tengai Unbiased website was launched. Visitors can find important information and updates about the innovative AI-robot in an accessible format. Tengai is gaining global attention and the website offers a sign-up form to pre-book your own Tengai, information on the development process, the enhanced candidate experience and much more.

TNG's Physical and Social AI-Robot’s First Job Interview

​Today, TNG’s physical AI-robot, Tengai, independently conducted a job interview with a candidate. TNG specializes in unbiased and fair recruitment and is one of Sweden’s most established staffing and recruitment agencies. Now offering Tengai Select as a recruitment solution, where the social interview robot Tengai is integrated as an objective assessment tool for recruiters and hiring managers.

​Swedish Muncipality First in the World to Use Social Interview Robot Tengai in Recruitment

Last week Swedish recruitment and staffing agency TNG launched Tengai Unbiased, the world’s first social AI interview robot. Just one week after the launch Upplands-Bro municipality signed up to use the robot in the recruitment of a strategic digital coordinator. Making them the first establishment in the world to use an automated and social AI-robot in a recruitment process.

Human and Beyond: The Future in Unbiased Recruitment

Swedish Recruitment and Staffing Agency TNG, has been working with unbiased recruitment for the past 15 years and is annually hosting trend seminars on the subject for the Swedish market. They have identified eight recruitment- and candidate trends focusing on diversity, inclusion, branding, and Hr-Tech.

Interview Robot Tengai Market Ready in Sweden - TNG includes Product in its Unbiased Recruitment Services

On May 15, 2019, TNG, a Swedish staffing and recruitment agency, launched in-house product Tengai - the world's first social interview recruiting robot - as part of its unbiased recruitment service in Sweden. Tengai is the first physical AI-robot in the world, programmed with an inclusion and diversity software and can objectively evaluate soft-skills and personality traits.

​Furhat Robotics and TNG Build World's First Unbiased Interview Robot

Social Robotics startup Furhat Robotics and TNG, specialists in unbiased recruitment, are announcing a global partnership in which they will jointly develop the world's first unbiased recruiter robot. The vision behind the robot is to better analyze, understand and perform competency-based interviews and assessments eliminating unconscious bias - a very real issue in the recruitment world today.
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