Efficient Interview Tools

There are a plethora on online interview tools, which is both exciting and overwhelming. The exiting part is that you now have options to pick a solution that suits your specific needs. But having too many choices can sometimes slow down your ability to make a decision. The best online interview software will not only help you decode resumes or automate the screening phase. Instead, choose an interview tool that also will help you create a more fair and efficient hiring process. For example, when implementing an AI interview software you can both cut bias out of the early stages of the recruitment funnel and at the same time save time (and money).

Interview softwares

1. 2-way manual interviews, video-tools such as Meets, Zoom or Teams are popular. To make sure you don’t risk being influenced by bias such as appearance, age or race, exclude the video and use audio only. Video-tools also makes it possible to record your interview to have more than one recruiter or hiring manager to make an evaluation of the outcome to secure objectivity.

2. 1-way recorded interviews, pre-de fined questions to all your applicants help you keep a structured record on your interviews when conduct- ed manually.

3. 2-way automatic interviews, like Tengai, which gives you the opportunity to automatically interview candidates and gain structured results to make sure you evaluate all your applicants equally.

Benefits with an automated interview

By implementing a screening software, you can scale easily with automation. While maintaining your high demand for candidate experience and diversity. Because we believe that the best interview tools creates the right match between people and jobs and streamlines a taxing process by cutting human bias. When using AI as a validation interview, you can spend 70% less time screening CVs and more time focused on the right candidates. So you can find your next employee and recruit top talent today.

TENGAI USP Free trial (600 × 800px)

Find and recruit talent

Tengai is an interactive, digital interview that is backed by science and validated by psychometric experts. Developed to give recruiters and hiring managers access to objective candidate data. Integrating Tengai in the process is making HR-professionals become better equipped to scout and understand potential employees. Before even having the first interview. While also giving applicants a dignified candidate experience and an opportunity to add more information to their application.

As recruiters are spending more time in the initial stages of the process with time-consuming tasks like phone-screening and resumé evaluations. Our software is developed to “flip” the process and focus on traits related to potential. So it becomes easier to identify top talent and supercharge your hiring power.