Efficient Interview Tools

There are a plethora on online interview tools, which is both exciting and overwhelming. The exiting part is that you now have options to pick a solution that suits your specific needs. But having too many choices can sometimes slow down your ability to make a decision. But the best interview software should not only help you decode resumes or automate the screening phase. Instead, choose a tool that also will help you create a more fair and efficient hiring process. For example, when implementing an AI interview software you can both cut bias out of the early stages of the recruitment funnel and at the same time save time (and money).


What is an interview tool?
– Select a validated interview tool
– Can interview tools help mitigate bias?
– ATS functionalities
– Creating inclusive online advertisements
– The best interview tools for recruiting teams
– Reference softwares
– Benefits with an automated interview

What is an interview tool?

Recruiters and hiring managers use interview tools to get structured, useful information about a candidate. There are many different technologies which can be used to collect relevant data and speed up the recruitment process. An interview tool is not used to replace the interview, but to provide objective assessments that help mitigate potential bias from the early stages of the hiring process.

Select a validated interview tool

Tengai is an interactive, digital interview that is backed by science and validated by psychometric experts. Developed to give recruiters and hiring managers access to objective candidate data. Integrating Tengai in the process is making HR-professionals become better equipped to scout and understand potential employees. Before even having the first interview. While also giving applicants a dignified candidate experience and an opportunity to add more information to their application.

As recruiters are spending more time in the initial stages of the process with time-consuming tasks like phone-screening and resumé evaluations. Our software is developed to “flip” the process and focus on traits related to potential. So it becomes easier to identify top talent and supercharge your hiring power.

Candidate being interviewed by Tengai automated video over smartphone

Can interview tools help mitigate bias?

The right interview tool can help create, unlock and sort the relevant data you need to make informed decisions. In addition to handling every single applicant in the same respectful way and creating measurable data to help you and your organization. Because when you use technology as a smart assistant, you can keep the focus on competency.

ATS functionalities

The core in all recruitment processes is your Application Tracking System (ATS), which helps with handling all recruiting data.

Anonymous applications
Many ATS’s on the market have an anonymous mode where your applicants name is hidden. Some of the ATS’s also takes it as far as hiding names of former employers, schools you went to or other things that might potentially trigger unconscious bias.

Killer Q’s instead of resumes for early screening
A useful way of not having to look at resumes in the beginning of the process and risk to be influenced by bias is to use screening questions. Those screening questions might be things you need to know to be able to make an initial decision. Knowledge and skills that are easily presented such as language skills, drivers license, specific certifications and graduations necessary for carrying out the role.

Creating inclusive online advertisements

The number one thing in every recruitment process is to be attractive so people want to apply. It is therefore important to use several kinds of media outlets and critically review your platform and the visual language you are using to ensure you include all groups of applicants.

Traditionally we’ve been taught to narrow down our target group, since advertising for anybody and anywhere is both costly and might be hard to navigate a wider range of applicants in the selection process. However, the platform/channels you choose needs to be in balance. For example, if you only advertise for automotive sales people in a car magazine or on a platform with the same demographic, you will have a very homogeneous group to choose from and you might miss out on potential talent coming from elsewhere.

The best interview tools for recruiting teams

1. 2-way manual interviews, video-tools such as Meets, Zoom or Teams are popular. To make sure you don’t risk being influenced by bias such as appearance, age or race, exclude the video and use audio only. Video-tools also makes it possible to record your interview to have more than one recruiter or hiring manager to make an evaluation of the outcome to secure objectivity.

2. 1-way recorded interviews, pre-de fined questions to all your applicants help you keep a structured record on your interviews when conduct- ed manually.

3. 2-way automatic interviews, like Tengai, which gives you the opportunity to automatically interview candidates and gain structured results to make sure you evaluate all your applicants equally.

Reference softwares

To make sure the bottom of your funnel creates objective data, software for reference checks might come in good use. Structure your reference-check withthe same questions for all potential hires and the possibility of rating traits and knowledge relevant for the job. Availablesoftware on the market offers automated solutions that can be tailored to your needs to also make sure you mitigate bias from earlier employers or co-workers to be able to make a final informed decision.

Benefits with an automated interview

By implementing a screening interview, you can scale easily with automation. While maintaining your high demand for candidate experience and diversity. Because we believe that the best interview tools creates the right match between people and jobs and streamlines a taxing process by cutting human bias. When using AI as a validation interview, you can spend 70% less time screening CVs and more time focused on the right candidates. So you can find your next employee and recruit top talent today.

Why Tengai?

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