Tengai Interview Suite - Automatic Interview and Assessment Tools

With the complete Tengai Interview Suite we are offering you an automatic interview solution tool. With a unique candidate experience from conversational AI, we can measure candidate’s general work performance. Because today we know that the traditional job interview is inefficient, unfair and expensive. Our innovative solutions are redefining the recruitment process by mitigating unconscious bias and creating a more fair interview experience. Below you will find our interview and assessment solutions and tools we offer today.

Why Tengai Interview Suite?


Scientifically validated robot interview that provides an unbiased shortlist of recommended candidates.

Unbiased Interview

By keeping bias out of the interview, the right candidates with the right competencies will surface.


Possible to have interviews at scale and include more applicants into the process.

Low Cost

Save up to 90% of the interview expenses and an overall decrease in cost for wrong hires.

Customer Stories on Tengai Interview Suite

Read how our clients have implemented the robot interview and parts of the Tengai Interview Suite  in their recruitment process. And how you can tailor the interview scoring to identify your next employee!

Tengai Unbiased case study Pophouse

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