Unbiased by Design With a Human Touch

Until now, recruiters and hiring managers have lacked tools that objectively assess soft skills and personality traits. Now our AI interview robot is changing that. Tengai’s natural language processing engine and D&I software powered by 15 years of recruitment methodology provides new opportunities for recruiters and hiring managers. But how does a job interview with the social AI-robot Tengai really work? 

Tengai Robot™ is a physical robot developed to assist recruiters and hiring managers. By performing automatic robot interviews and delivering unbiased candidate assessments. And during an interview she is placed on top of a table directly across from the candidate she will interview, Which makes for an innovative interview experience that also is fair, objective, and where candidates can be themselves. Instead of worrying about recruiters’ expectations and preconceived biases.

The robot’s diversity and inclusion software was originally developed at the staffing and recruitment agency TNG’s innovation lab. In collaboration with social robotics experts Furhat Robotics, who are running the robotics platform and operating system where Tengai’s application is developed and controlled.

  • Social AI-robot with a natural language processing engine
  • Unbiased by design with interview inclusion and diversity software
  • Wide-angle, high fidelity camera, and beamforming stereo microphones
  • Natural head movements using three degrees of freedom
  • 41 cm (16in)
  • 3,5 kg (7.7lbs)

How Tengai Works and Performs Unbiased Job Interviews

Social AI-Robot

Developed with both conversational and social abilities, which means speaking, listening, confirming, and showing emotions.

20 Minute Interviews

Tengai Robot™ performs structured, blind interviews and can deliver 7 times more interviews than a human recruiter

Same Questions

All candidates get the same open-ended and closed situational based questions

Assesses Soft Skills

Objectively measures soft skills and personality traits

Produces Analytics

Produces interview analytics with recommended candidate evaluation

Fair Scoring

Fairly scores job seekers, based only on job requirements

Data Driven

Supports data-driven hiring decisions through the validated Tengai Performance Indicator™

GDPR Compliant

Up to date regarding laws concerning personal data

Innovative Candidate Experience

Tengai Robot™ is providing candidates with a unique interview experience. Since they get a virtual feeling of real human interaction. Until now, interview robots have existed as avatars, video interviews, and virtual agents. Which all are cool features. But they lack is the immersive user experience that Tengai offers job seekers.

The candidate user experience is crucial when it comes to recruitment because it makes candidates engage emotionally and socially, which is also proven to lead to more honest answers.

“At first I really felt it was a robot, but when going more deeply into the interview I totally forgot that she’s not human.”

— Anonymous candidate

Social AI robot Tengai conducts unbiased job interviews

Structured Interview Process

The interview with Tengai consists of three different phases. First, the welcome phase, followed by the assessment phase and completed with the next step phase. The purpose of the first and closing phase is to increase engagement and build trust with the applicant. After the interview, Tengai can automatically deliver useful analytics by screening for soft skills and personality traits throughout the robot interview. The full interview takes about 20 minutes.

During the interview, Tengai is sitting on top of the table directly across from the candidate she is interviewing. Prior to meeting Tengai, we inform the candidate about how the robot interview will work and how the results will be used and analyze. At the welcome phase, Tengai briefly talks about the job at hand and the interview process. She then – in a dialogue format – starts the interview and initiates the assessment phase. Once the interview is over, Tengai will wrap-up the meeting and explain how to contact a recruiter if needed. Finally, the robot interview will end with Tengai explaining the next steps in the process.

Asks Questions and Gives Feedback

During Tengai’s interview, she always asks questions in the exact same way and in the same order. Through that, we ensure a fair interview experience for all candidates. It also creates higher reliability and consistency. Throughout the robot interview, Tengai gives “human” feedback. That includes nodding, smiling, leaning of the head or saying “mhm”. These cues encourage the candidate to give elaborate answers. If the answer is too vague, Tengai might ask the candidate to give more concrete examples.

In other words, the mimics, sounds, and facial expressions Tengai make are well thought through in order to make the robot more relatable. Along the development process, the Tengai team studied and filmed several hundred interviews of diverse recruiters. Consequently, Tengai’s “human” qualities create a robot interview where job seekers feel safe, comfortable and get a state-of-the-art candidate experience.

“Tell me about a work situation when you found it difficult to work with colleagues in a team or project. And why did you find it difficult?”

An example of a question



  • Invite candidates to conduct the structured robot interview with Tengai Robot
  • Option to refine the process even further by listening to interview audio of selected candidate’s soft skills answers


  • Receive an automatic, data-driven shortlist with the highest scoring candidates
  • Conduct personal interviews with final candidates to ensure motivation and drive
  • Make a data-driven and objective hiring decision!

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