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With Tengai, you can automize the screening phase and get validated candidate recommendations. Our conversational AI engages applicants and keeps bias out of the early stages of the recruitment process. Developed to assist hiring teams with quality data and ensure a fair experience for every job-seeker. Using a validated software will not only speed up your screening process and save you money. But it will also increases quality and assurance that your future co-workers have the right competencies.

Tengai can be used in a variety of organizations and for various positions:

  • The public sector and industries with compliance requirements
  • High volume recruitments
  • Trainee and internship programs
  • Specialist services with a lot of applicants

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Benefits with Tengai

Unique candidate experience

Candidates state that our conversational AI creates higher engagement. This will improve your employer brand and attract top talent.

Low cost

Implementing a digital screening interview will streamline the initial phase of the hiring funnel and decrease recruitment costs with 90%

Quality insights

Get a shortlist of recommended candidates and quickly identify the applicants you want to invite to the next step of the process.

How Pophouse scaled with Tengai

For Pophouse, recruiting is an ongoing process, and so far they can see positive results on the speed of time-to-hire and quality-of-hire.

By using Tengai in the process, Pophouse was able to show their work with inclusion by welcoming more applicants into the second stage of the process, giving them the opportunity to show their skills early on. The overall process has resulted in great feedback from the candidates. So don’t miss this limited offer to try our free screening software and find your next co-worker today.