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Assessing personality is really difficult, since an individuals personality continues to develop throughout their life and can be interpreted in various ways. But an accurate assessment of a candidates personality is key to a successful recruitment. By creating a fair process, where every applicant gets to shine, you can find the individual with the right competencies. But having a fair recruiting process will also require hiring professionals to look at their own personal biases in how they interpret and relate to candidates.

A positive side effect that occurs when bias is mitigated is diversity. Today we know that having a diverse work-environment will increase both productivity and creativity. This is because companies that are dominated by one type of people will have a collective blind spot and this could add up to tunnel vision. But creating a more fair process is not always easy and this is where Artificial Intelligence (AI) comes in. 

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Start with a fair interview

The first interview is a critical part of the recruitment funnel and a place where unconscious biases play the biggest part. But how could be detrimental for a nervous job applicant? Well, when first impressions are working as the basis for your hiring decision, most candidates will experience an unfair assessment. Today we know that humans make unconscious judgements after just 0.1 seconds. Looking at a recently published study based on 2000 managers, 33% only needed 90 seconds to decide who they wanted to hire. The same study shows that 60% of interviewers decided on a candidate within 5-15 minutes. But first impressions can be deceiving and are usually completely irrelevant to performance and competency. Especially since they are based on factors such as handshake, tone of voice or lack of eye contact.

Eye contact 65%
Handshake 55%
Voice 40%

Using AI in recruitment

As the use of AI has grown and sectors including health care, financial services, public services, and commerce, have implemented technology in various ways. This has in many instances improved effectiveness and decision quality and enabled both cost and performance optimization. But in some cases, the use of algorithms has led to issues of bias and fairness. 

To ensure both clients and candidates a fair assessment, we asked psychometric experts to validate our framework. Being validated means that Tengai accurately can assess candidate’s personality and predict future behavior. Our approach is developed by a team of diverse HR-professionals with over 15 years of experience in unbiased recruitment. So you can feel confident that Tengai will help you get a more fair and correct candidate assessment.

Pophouse commits to fair recruiting

At Pophouse Entertainment, recruiting is an ongoing process. But so far they can see positive results on the speed of time-to-hire and quality-of-hire since they implemented Tengai.

By automating the screening phase, Pophouse was able to show their work with inclusion by welcoming more applicants into the second stage of the process. Which gave them the opportunity to show their skills early on. The overall process has resulted in great feedback from the candidates.

Customer success story

Johanna Nordin, HR Business Partner, Pophouse Entertainment

With the launch of our new digital culture centre Space, we needed to scale our recruitment fast. With Tengai, we managed to scale easily with automation while maintaining our high demand for candidate experience and diversity. 

Johanna Nordin
HR Business Partner, Pophouse Entertainment

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