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We’ve created the Tengai Digital Interview so you can interview your candidates from anywhere. Without being affected by unconscious bias and save loads of time, while increasing the quality outcome.  The 2-way fully automatic, science-backed and interactive dialogue with conversational AI creates a unique experience for your applicants. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Get started today and choose your next candidate based on their skill-sets and nothing else – The Tengai Way!

Digital Interview

Recruiting Made Simpler!

1. Self-Service Portal

Self-Service Portal for Complete Candidate Conveniance

2. Unbiased Interview

Tengai does the heavy lifting - Sit back and relax

3. Automated Results

Decisions made clearer in the Tengai Recruit App

4. Repeat

Decision has been made easy from data-driven interviews

Tengai unbiased interview automation

Tengai Digital Interview – Fair, Smart, and Simple!

The Automated interview with Tengai facilitates conversational AI which creates a unique and fully automatic 2-way interactive candidate experience. The technology is revolutionary, science-backed, and is built from several frameworks that emphasize unbiased recruiting.

The Digital interview Solution has easy access for candidates and as a recruiter, you can monitor the results in our user friendly software. As a result, you get a clear view of which candidate to process and why.

More For The Candidate – More For You

Automatic assessment and in-depth interview in one solution. Unlike static video software where you record yourself answering questions, Tengai engages with your candidates in real-time with voice, emotions, and expressions. Just like a real interview – only smarter and more effective. With automatic scheduling and scoring of the interviews, Tengai creates a seamless and effective result with a maintained candidate experience.

Tengai unbiased interview intelligence
Tengai unbiased assessment

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