TNG Recruitment Service Tengai First Select

TNG Group AB has been working with unbiased recruitment, or objective rescruitment, for over 15 years. By focusing on data-driven, structured and competency-based hiring, TNG has successfully developed an unbiased methodology that is turning the traditional recruitment process on its head. And it was at TNG where the idea behind Tengai was originated. For over a year TNG has been offering a recruitment and staffing assessment service Tengai First Select to a wide variety of clients. When using Tengai the recruitment process has proven to be more effective, data-driven and cost-efficient. 

Recruitment Challenge

Tengai First Select is a service offered by TNG where clients can add competency-based blind interviews with Tengai to their recruitment processes. The purpose is to create an interview process that better can predict candidates’ future work performance, all through an objective, measurable and data-driven method. Tengai First Select can be implemented both in large and small volume recruitments and staffing efforts. Since the Tengai First Select was offered in 2019, TNG has received a lot of interest from private organizations as well as the public sector.

2019 clients:

  • HR Strategist at Vision trade union
  • Digital Strategist at Linköping Municipality
  • HR-Specialist at Vänersborg Municipality
  • Supply Manager at Findus
  • Customer Support at ActiWay

“We want to become more knowledgeble and competent in the digital development that is happening. And especially being at the forefront when it comes to implementing AI-solutions.” – Sonja Erlandsson, HR-manager at Linköping Municipality

Assessment Process

Tengai First Select identifies qualified candidates and predicts general work performance. The purpose is to create a better candidate experience, lower the risk for bad recruits while also enhancing the client’s employer brand. The robot interview can be implemented in both staffing and recruitment efforts.

This is included in Tengai First Select:

» TNG’s established unbiased recruitment methodology with an anonymous application and screening tests
» 5-10 robot interviews, depending on how high volume process is
» Data-driven scoring of candidates
» Tengai can identify personality traits and skills such as problem-solving, structured way of working, stress-tolerance, independence, collaboration and service orientation
» A candidate experience above the average and a transparent process for both the client and the job seeker 

“This is a great experience for Vision. I’m hoping that this effort will make our recruitment process more fair and unbiased.”
– Matts Hansson, HR-manager at Vision


  • More diverse candidate selection
  • Objective assessment and candidate scoring for the recruiter
  • A more efficient process
  • Higher quality outcome
  • By using Tengai, all clients received a great deal of positive media attention.

This is how it sounded when Tengai conducted interviews at Vänersborgs Municipality

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