High Volume Recruitment with Pophouse and Tengai

In this full-bodied case study, we’re going to explore High Volume Recruitment with Pophouse and Tengai.

Pophouse - Johanna Nordin Tengai Unbiased

Being ahead of their game has always been a natural mission for Pophouse Entertainment. Their investment in the new digital culture centre, Space, is no exception. Pophouse breathes innovation, future, a modern lifestyle, and of course, a recruitment process that follow sin the same spirit. As part of automating the selection of the heavy load of applicants with maintained quality and make sure all applicants get treated objectively and fairly, their choice landed on digital interviews from Tengai.

To make sure the Pophouse process ran smoothly, Tengai also partnered up with the innovative ATS Teamtailor ensuring Pophouse applicants received extraordinary treatment. With Teamtailor’s high focus on user design, candidates, and user experience, it was the obvious choice for integrating Tengai.

Pophouse opens the doors to a new era of meeting places – Space.

Space is a digital culture centre in the heart of Stockholm. A physical meeting place for the digital generation. Here, some of the most important ingredients in digital culture are combined – gaming, music, content creation, and digital know-how, all under one roof. An inclusive house where people can meet, collaborate and create together – a community where new formations and business ideas take off. 

Pophouse was aiming to scale its recruitment fast. They wanted to create a process that was fast, scalable, fun, candidate-driven, objective, and free from bias. Their choice landed on Tengai digital interviews. With the digital and innovative product from Tengai, Pophouse could offer all applicants a fun, interactive, and innovative start, remotely, to their process, and get valuable data as a result, without the risk of biased judgment.

Tengai functionality in Teamtailor

As part of the Tengai product road map, integration with innovative ATS’s has been a priority and it’s been important to partner up with attractive recruitment tools to contribute to an innovative and functional ecosystem for recruiters.  Teamtailor is one of Sweden’s fastest growing companies and is covering recruitment operations for several thousand mid-size companies globally. With their high focus on candidates and user experience, it was the obvious choice for integrating Tengai.

What the integration means for Teamtailor-users like Pophouse, is the option to use Tengai as a screening trigger within the Teamtailor funnel, the trigger automatically pushes information to the Candidate using the email and SMS service in Teamtailor. From there, applicants can use the Tengai self-service portal to schedule and handle their interviews. During the interview, candidates are being asked behavioural questions, in both statements and open-ended questions. Directly after the interview, the recruiter gets an indicator score of the candidate’s personality, which helps the recruiter to understand their potential for the next step of the funnel, where it’s possible to get deeper insight from the candidate’s answer to specific questions.

Candidate Experience

Candidate experience is critical for any recruitment process, nonetheless in processes with a high volume of applicants. Pophouse put a lot of effort into building their employer brand and the importance of leaving all candidates with a lasting and positive impression. By using Tengai in the process, Pophouse was able to show their work with inclusion by welcoming more applicants into the second stage of the process, giving them the opportunity to show their skills early on. The overall process has resulted in great feedback from the candidate perspective. Just look at this:

“It was good not to have preconceived opinions about age and gender”

“It was nice to have an interview free from stress”

“Very smooth, and I felt comfortable”

Tengai Unbiased - Automated Interviews


For Pophouse, recruiting is an ongoing process, and so far they can see positive results on the speed of time-to-hire and quality-of-hire.

70 %

Of candididates during the process would recommend using Tengai.

70 %

Of candidates had a good or really good experience of Tengai.


was saved by Pophouse using Tengai in the process.

280.000 SEK

was saved by Pophouse through time savings

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