Upplands-Bro Municipality

The Upplands-Bro Municipality have shown a real commitment to data-driven recruitment and for the past 10 years, they have recruited without a resume. By raising awareness around competency-based recruitment, they are contributing to a sustainable labor market. As well as, being a public sector who are taking a great interest in AI and using digital solutions to make life better for the people who live in the community. In May, 2019, they decided to work together with recruitment and staffing agency TNG and chose their service Tengai First Select in a recruitment effort to hire a Strategic Digital Coordinator. 

Recruitment Challenge

Upplands-Bro is an innovative client who saw Tengai’s potential before anyone else. As a result they became the first in the world to use a social AI-robot in a hiring process. They decided to push their digital agenda and use Tengai and work together with TNG to find a Strategic Digital Coordinator. Their recruitment challenge was both attracting competent candidates and assessing them through a data-driven method.


Assessment Process

Upplands-Bro decided to implement Tengai First Select to identify the candidates with the highest general work performance score and to make a first selection.

» Candidates submit an anonymous application and tailored screening tests.
» Recruiters at TNG conducts a competency check and schedule interviews with the qualified candidates.
» Selected candidates complete the robot interview with Tengai.
» TNG recruiters receive a data-driven assessment scoring from Tengai and combines it with the candidates screening tests and resume qualifications.
» An objective first selection of candidates are presented to client.
» Upplands-Bro Kommun conducts personal interviews with final candidates to ensure motivation and drive.


  • Out of all the applicants, three candidates were recomended based on their soft skills to complete the final assessment
  • The highest scoring candidate was offered the job and accepted the position.
  • By using Tengai, Upplands-Bro received a great deal of positive media attention.
  • The successful recruitment process caused Upplands-Bro to implement Tengai in an additional project.

Listen to what the final candidate and current Strategic Digital Coordinator, Anders Örnhed, thought about the interview with Tengai:

“It was really interesting to get my organization to discuss unbiased recruitment and how we can get even better. For me, it was a success, from start to end!”
– Havva Ilhan, Deputy Head of HR at Upplands-Bro

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