Cloetta used Tengai First Select from our partner TNG to assess candidates for the position Demand Planner and Buyer. Cloetta has a strong position on the Swedish FMCG market and over 650 employees located at their headquarter in Malmö. By implementing Tengai to their process they got a solid foundation for decision making, based on data, facts and science. 

Recruitment Challenge

Cloetta used TNG’s assessment service Tengai First Select to recruit:

  • Demand Planner
  • Buyer

Their main recruitment challenge was assessing candidates through a data-driven method.


Assessment Process

Cloetta implemented TNG’s screening process and our structured robot interview  to identify  and assess the candidates with the highest general work performance score. Based on the TPI score Cloetta could make a data-driven, first candidate selection.

» Candidates submit an anonymous application and tailored screening tests.
» Recruiters at TNG conducts a competency check and schedule interviews with the qualified candidates.
» Selected candidates complete the robot interview with Tengai.
» TNG recruiters receive a data-driven assessment scoring from Tengai and combines it with the candidates screening tests and resume qualifications.
» An objective first selection of candidates are presented to client.
» Cloetta conducts personal interviews with final candidates to ensure motivation and drive.


  • Tengai conducted 11 interviews with candidates.
  • 9 candidates were recommended for final interviews with Cloetta.
  • Cloetta hired a Demand Planner based on TPI scoring.
  • Cloetta has done a second selection and is currently interviewing final candidates for the position Buyer.
  • A fair process for all candidates that is putting Cloetta at the forefront of recruitment.

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