How To Implement Tengai in Your Selection Process

We work with a variety of clients and industries and we understand real challenges in finding and attracting candidates without being affected by bias. We therefore have developed Tengai’s blind interview to objectively assess general work performance, identify competent candidates and reduce the risk of faulty recruitments. Here you can read more about our clients are how they are changing their recruitment process with our unbiased interview software.

“We want to become more knowledgeble and competent in the digital development that is happening. And especially being at the forefront when it comes to implementing AI-solutions.” – Sonja Erlandsson, HR-manager at Linköping Municipality

“Tengai made it possible for us to combine digital solutions with our focus on equality, inclusion and diversity.”
– Tobias Bedinger, HR Advisor at DNB

“It was really interesting to get my organization to discuss unbiased recruitment and how we can get even better. For me, it was a success, from start to end!” – Havva Ilhan, Deputy Head of HR at Upplands-Bro Municipality

“This is a great experience for Vision. I’m hoping that this effort will make our recruitment process more fair and unbiased.”
– Matts Hansson, HR-manager at Vision

“We push the boundaries in how we recruit, by utilizing digital advancement and the latest artificial intelligence technology.” – Karl Öhlander, Director of Local Government in Upplands-Bro Municipality

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