Success stories

Our customers are within a variety of industries, so we understand real challenges in finding and attracting candidates regardless of the industry. But what they all have in common is using cutting-edge technology to enhance their businesses. We developed Tengai with this in mind and validated our framework so it objectively can assess general work performance and  identify competent candidates. In order to reduce the risk of faulty recruitments. Here you can read more about some of the innovative companies who are changing their recruitment process with our unbiased interview software.

Pophouse Entertainment

With the launch of the new digital culture centre, Space, Pophouse had to scale their recruitment fast. Since Space is a centre for digital culture in the heart of Stockholm, it felt natural to implement AI and new technologies into the process. With Tengai, they managed to scale easy with automation while maintaining a high level of candidate experience and diversity.

Pophouse high volume recruitment

Upplands-Bro Municipality

Upplands-Bro has shown a real commitment to data-driven recruitment and skill-based hiring. As well as, being a public sector who is taking a great interest in AI and using digital solutions to make life better for the people who live in the community. At Upplands-Bro, they are aware of their own biases and recognize that it is impossible to not have any preconceived opinions. Which is why they wanted to use a screening software that cut bias from the process and delivered a fair experience to all applicants.

Upplands bro case study

TNG Group

Staffing and recruitment agency TNG has been working with unbiased recruitment for over 15 years in Sweden. Together, we are driven by a shared mission to create a more sustainable labor market by taking bias out of the recruitment process. In 2020 TNG joined the Tengai Reseller and Partnership program, which is focused on offerings for both solutions and products. Currently, TNG implements Tengai to automate their work in their talent pipeline, for spontaneous applications and active hiring processes. 

TNG diversity recruitment

DNB Bank

DNB are one of the biggest banks in the Nordic region and one of their main recruitment challenges is attracting a large group of candidates and assessing them through a data-driven method. Tengai made it possible for to combine digital solutions with their focus on equality, inclusion and diversity. The digital interview also ensured an an objective and fair process for all candidates. This resulted in an unbiased interview experience that put DNB at the forefront of recruitment.

DNB Bank

Gävle Municipality

Gävle Municipality has a big hiring challenge in managing high volumes of applicants, building talent pools, and engaging candidates throughout the process. By implementing Tengai to screen applicants for mass recruitments and temporary positions, they have created a more positive candidate experience and positioned Gävle as an innovative district.

Benefits with Tengai

Save time

By automating the screening phase, hiring teams can cut a taxing process and spend more time where it really matters.

Low cost

Implementing a digital screening interview will streamline the initial phase of the hiring funnel and decrease recruitment costs with 90%

Quality insights

Get a shortlist of recommended candidates and quickly identify the applicants you want to invite to the next step of the process.

Automate your screening and scale quickly

We are now offering a time limited trial so you can try our digital screening software for free, without any risk.

Tengai can be used in a variety of organizations and for various positions:

  • The public sector and industries with compliance requirements
  • High volume recruitments
  • Trainee and internship programs
  • Specialist services with a lot of applicants

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