Tengai in Media

Tengai is gaining attention in both Swedish and international media. Here you will find blog articles and updates on the latest features! 

The interest in Tengai continues to grow. And a lot of people are wondering how the social robot works and how she will be used during the recruitment process. There are also questions if Tengai can be completely unbiased. And what role human recruiters will have while working alongside the robot.

So here on the blog, we have collected news features, social media and other recourses where you can get answers! Check out the articles below.

Tengai Unbiased New Website is Launched!

Yesterday Tengai Unbiased own website was launched! If you’re interested in learning more about the innovative AI-interview robot Tengai, browse…

Follow Tengai on Social Media!

Do you want the latest news about TNG’s and Furhat Robotic’s interview robot Tengai Unbiased? Tengai has several social media…

Going Viral: Tengai is Getting Global Attention

Charlotte Ulvros, CMXO, TNG: ”No one has ever done this before”It is not surprising that the development of the world’s first unbiased interview robot has received a lot of media attention.