Streamline high-volume hiring processess

It is not always easy to efficiently identify the right talent in high-volume recruitment and also create an exciting experience for every applicant. With Tengai, recruiting teams can automate the screening phase and get an objective candidate assessment that is proven to support better hiring decisions. The 18-minute long digital interview is interactive and fun according to candidates who especially appreciated the unbiased questions and personalized feedback. 

Enjoy screening candidates at scale

Candidate convenience

The screening interview can be done anywhere and at any time

Low cost

Automating the screening phase can decrease recruitment costs with 90%

Quality insights

Assess a large group of applicants through a data-driven method

Handle large volumes of applicants

By automating the screening interview, or pre-screening interview, you can create a more efficient recruitment process. As recruiters have to spend more time in the initial stages of the hiring process with time-consuming tasks like CV screening and phone interviews. But when the screening stage is automated, it becomes possible to interview hundreds of applicants in just a couple of days. So all candidates can be included in the screening process.

Read how Pophouse Entertainment used Tengai in a high-volume recruitment process. 

Give candidates a great experience

Eliminate the need to coordinate busy schedules with a phone screening and increase engagement by providing a candidate-friendly, job-relevant interview experience. With Tengai, candidates get instant feedback after completing the screening interview. Unlike a static video interview where you record yourself answering questions, conversational AI engages candidates in real-time. The interactive meeting is unique because it feels just like a real conversation – only smarter, effective, and more engaging. 

Get more statistics on the candidate’s experience. 

of candidates could give a more honest answer in the Tengai interview than to a human recruiter

Made by recruiters, for recruiters

With Tengai, recruiters get access to structured data which makes it possible to quickly identify matches between candidates and jobs, and streamline a taxing process. This includes both individual reports and a candidate shortlist, where you easily can see how applicants compare to each other. Tengai helps you to select candidates with the right competencies to invite for the first interview. Inviting the right applicant, with the right competencies to the initial interview, will help you save countless hours. Our standard plan always includes the option to customize and add screening questions. The user-friendly software is designed to give recruiters full transparency and control over the recruitment process, from start to finish.

Customer success stories

Johanna nordin pophouse

– With the launch of our new digital centre ‘Space’, we needed to scale our recruitment fast.  With Tengai, we managed to scale easily with automation while maintaining our high demand for candidate experience and diversity. 

Johanna Nordin
HR Business Partner, Pophouse Entertainment

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Now you can integrate Tengai into your applicant tracking systems to create a seamless process. No code needed. It’s just that easy to make your ATS even more powerful.

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