Tengai Performance Indicator™

The Tengai Performance Indicator (TPI)™ is an objective candidate assessment and screening tool that delivers automatic, data-driven candidate scoring to support measurable hiring decisions. The scoring is based on a complex soft skills and personality traits assessment, which is registered throughout the robot interview. When implementing Tengai you get a validated tool that delivers accurate assessments and contributes to making the recruitment process more objective and fair. Making Tengai, an effective HR-tech tool that provides recruiters and hiring managers with objective candidate recommendations.

The final TPI-scoring and candidate recommendation is a combination between the Personality Indicator and the Behavioral Indicator. By combining them we get a higher predictive validity and assessment of the candidate’s future work performance.

Personality Indicator – a predictive, automatic scoring of personality traits. Data-driven scoring that reflects the candidate’s future general work performance. A validated assessment method, proven to deliver objective and measurable recommendations, without any risk for bias.

Behaviour Indicator – a descriptive, manual scoring based on situational based questions. With the help of indicators, recruiters and hiring managers manually score soft skills answers through interview audio.

Validated to Deliver Accurate Candidate Scoring

Mitigating unconscious bias from the job interview is key to have a fair recruitment process. Tengai is, therefore, validated to measure and assess personality traits in a completely objective way. Which is groundbreaking. 

The research study was conducted by Dr. Anders Sjöberg and Dr. Sofia Sjöberg of Psychometrics Sweden AB, who have worked with personality assessment tests for over 20 years.

“The validity study confirms that Tengai can ask questions that correlate to work performance. And interpret the answers independently, without any help from humans. Meaning that Tengai is validated and should be used to achieve a more unbiased interview process.”

— Dr. Anders Sjöberg, Psychometrics Sweden AB.

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Tailor Your Process

So to make the recruitment process completely  transparent, we have developed a user-friendly program called Tengai Recruit, where you can follow and tailor your process.

With our software you get the option to rank the personality traits and soft skills to match your hiring requirements. And gives you the option to listen to interview audio scoring and manually assess soft-skill questions.

By implementing Tengai, all applicants have the same interview experience. As a result, it is possible to measure and objectively compare candidates’ scoring. The final TPI-report is a great help for recruiters and hiring managers to base their hiring decision on.

15 Years of Unbiased Recruitment

The idea behind Tengai originated at Swedish recruitment and staffing agency TNG, where our CEO Elin Öberg Mårtenzon and CPO Sinisa Strbac initiated the innovation lab TNGx. And where they put together a diverse team of recruiters, developers, mathematicians and marketing experts to help develop the innovative robot interview.

Together with TNG’s 15 years of experience in unbiased, data-driven, structured and competency-based hiring and Furhat Robotics robot platform, Tengai was developed. Specifically aiming to create an inclusive, fair and more transparent candidate experience. As well as, removing unconscious prejudices to deliver more diverse teams.

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