A better candidate experience, every time

Being a recruiter has never been more difficult as the labor market has gone through a massive shift and job-seekers are in focus. Alongside demands on the role at hand, candidates now also want a unique candidate experience that is both diverse and inclusive. We developed the two-way interactive dialogue to be both fair and exciting to ensure every applicant a better candidate experience. Being interviewed by Tengai is also an opportunity for candidates to add information to their application and show more of their personality. As a result, job-seekers who have talked to Tengai states that it made them engage both emotionally and socially.

Next level screening

Throughout the digital meeting, Tengai delivers a human-like experience completely free from unconscious bias. So candidates can feel comfortable to be honest and focus on their potential and competencies. Being completely unbiased means not caring about age, looks, gender, race, or judge candidates based on tone of voice or dialect.

We are happy to see that our unbiased approach is appreciated by both candidates and clients. This is reflected in our candidate experience report. Where we have collected feedback and insights from job-seekers who interviewed with Tengai.

The Tengai experience step-by-step

Before the meeting

There is no special knowledge necessary to participate in a conversation with Tengai. All candidates’ need is a solid internet connection and a smartphone (or computer). Tengai schedules the screening interview directly with the applicants to increase convenience for both recruiters and job-seekers. This creates an interactive experience from the start and makes it possible to include all job-seekers in high volume recruitment processess.

The digital interview

During an interview with Tengai, candidates are asked 20 questions that are divided into statements about their personality and questions about past behavior. This approach have been carefully formulated by a diverse team of recruiters and psychometric specialists to successfully capture different personalities.

The questions are centered around how the candidate:

  • Think, rationalize and feel
  • Collaborate with others
  • Are at work, or in work-related contexts 

In every interview, Tengai asks the same questions in the same order to every applicant. While the consistent approach allows for an objective assessment, Tengai is also fully interactive and can give personalized answers during the interview. This includes asking the candidate to elaborate or give more concrete examples.

But the digital meeting is also an opportunity for candidates to share more information about themselves. By asking candidates’ to reflect and describe certain situations, they can demonstrate their soft skills and show their personality. The results contain invaluable candidate data that can support recruiting teams in making better hiring decisions.

After the meeting

Once the screening interview is completed, candidates receive instant personal feedback. This provides job-seekers with insights of how the interpretation of their personality is made, before the result is sent to the human recruiter. The feedback feature is another step in making Tengai more convenient, rewarding and efficient for candidates. Because job-seekers deserve to get useful feedback from the screening process, even if they aren’t invited for an interview.

Over 3000 anonymously surveyed candidates:

thought the interview was serious

stated they would like to be interviewed like this again

said they could give a more honest answer in the Tengai interview than to a human recruiter

Quotes from candidates

”It was amazing! A new, simple, unbiased approach without any prestige. Just wow, the best thing I’ve experienced”

”This was a really nice and different experience especially since Tengai didn’t ask any regular questions like my name, sex, age…”

”The best thing is that there is no discrimination during the interview”

”I really like that Tengai always asks the same questions every time which takes away the risk for discrimination”

“It was both a nicer and very different experience. It was actually really fun!”

”It was a little bit awkward and maybe not like having an interview with a human person in front of you, but it was fair and objective”
Enhancing your candidate experience is crucial to your company's success

Scale quickly and efficiently

We believe it is important to include all applicants in order to make a fair and objective hiring decision. The digital meeting with Tengai makes it possible to pre-interview hundreds of candidates in just a couple of days. Designed for a better candidate experience where every applicant can be included and receive personalized feedback.

This will not only strengthen your relationship with your candidates but also increase the amount of future applicants as a result. Because when you remove unconscious bias from the first step in the recruitment process, it becomes possible to identify the right candidate, with the right competencies.

Here is more info on how unbiased recruitment will help you find hidden talent.

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