Diversify your hiring and become more efficient

Over the last years, the labor market has gone through a massive shift and job seeker sentiment is now driving it. This has led to increasing demands and pressure on recruiters to create an exciting process. With Tengai, you get a validated HR-tech tool and an interactive digital interview. When integrated in the process, Tengai lowers the risk for bad hiring decisions and increases quality by only focusing on competencies and soft-skills. So you can identify candidates for an interview quicker and with more accuracy.

AI powered screening that can deliver 7 times more interviews when compared to a human recruiter

Unique candidate experience
Candidates state that having an interview with our conversational AI is both fair and exciting experience

Low cost
By automating the screening phase, hiring teams can spend more time where it really matters and decrease recruitment costs up to 90%

Quality insights
Get access to interview audio and a validated shortlist with data-driven candidate recommendations

Unbiased by design
In recruitment, screening biases have been well documented in creating an unfair advantage for applicants. By removing bias, you will end up with more diverse teams and enhance both team innovation and productivity.

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Customer success stories

Åsa Edman Källströmmer TNG VD

– With Tengai we gained a scientific way to compare and select the best candidates, without letting gut-feeling effect the decision. I’m convinced that Tengai will contribute to a more sustainable labor market. Which is completely in line with our vision at TNG.

Åsa Edman Källströmer

Havva Ilhan Upplands-Bro och Tengai

– When it comes to the interview, I haven’t found another solution on the market that can ensure a completely bias-free process. By using Tengai, we have successfully been able to upgrade our recruitment process to be focused on competency. 

Havva Ilhan
Deputy Head of HR, Upplands-Bro Municipality

Tobias Bedinger DNB Case study with Tengai

– To grow on the Swedish market we had to try something new and Tengai made it possible to combine digital solutions with our focus on equality, inclusion and diversity. Having Tengai ensures that we don’t reject applicants because of our own prejudices.

Tobias Bedinger
HR Advisor, DNB

Johanna Nordin, HR Business Partner, Pophouse Entertainment

– We needed to scale our recruitment fast with the launch of our new digital culture centre ‘Space’. With Tengai, we managed to scale easily with automation while also maintaining our high demand for candidate experience and diversity.

Johanna Nordin
HR Business Partner, Pophouse Entertainment