Partner Up To Resell Tengai On Your Local Market

Now it’s possible to partner with us to resell Tengai on your local market. Bringing your clients higher efficiency, higher quality while lowering their cost for interviews. Become a partner to Tengai and bring your local recruitment market to the next level of unbiased recruitment.

Tengai is an interview robot and recruitment tool that creates a more fair and exciting candidate experience. The social AI-robot doesn’t care about age, looks, gender or ethnicity. Neither will she judge candidates by their tone of voice or dialect. In addition, the HR-tech tool gives job seekers a virtual feeling of real human interaction. This makes them engage emotionally and socially, which is also proven to lead to more honest answers.

“We are super excited to kick-off the partnership program which gives us and our potential partners the opportunity to meet the high needs and demands of a global recruitment market together.” – Elin Öberg Mårtenzon, CEO Tengai AB

Become A Partner

For the first time ever, you can partner up with us to resell Tengai on your local market. You’ll get the possibility to bring a state-of-the-art HR-tech tool to help your clients conduct bias-free interviews while increasing both efficiency and quality.

How It Works

As a partner you will handle delivery, implementation and support to your clients. Your clients lease Tengai on a monthly subscription including the Tengai Robot™Tengai Recruit™ and Tengai Performance Indicator ™. You will also get access to training, marketing- and sales content to make sure you and your clients get the ultimate experience of the Tengai Robot.

What We Are Looking For

We are looking for partners that has the ambition to create new exciting recruitment solutions on their market. Partners that want to contribute to a more sustainable labor market with a fair candidate experience for all and that strongly believes that technology will help us create more objective recruitment outcomes. Do you want to change your recruitment market and offer your clients a state-of-the-art recruitment tool that is also proven to bring higher quality while assessing candidates’ soft-skills?

What Can You Offer Your Clients?

All clients face different challenges when it comes to their recruitment outcomes and all companies are unique. But, no matter their specific needs, all recruitment processes flourish from higher quality and increased efficiency and all companies benefit from lower cost and fair candidate treatment.


With Tengai your clients will get a better foundation for making more informed decisions from data-driven information regarding a candidates personality correlated to future work performance using the Tengai Performance Indicator ™


Your clients will experience higher efficiency in the recruitment process since Tengai can interview 7x more candidates and 4x faster. By getting the increased quality and foundation for making more informed decisions – deciding who to hire has never been easier!


Interviews are almost always connected to high labor intensity, according to a study we spend almost the double amount of time in interviews today than we did just 10 years ago. What if your clients could spend less time in interviewing candidates and more time in meeting with candidates that matches their criteria? Saves both time and money.

Fair Treatment

As a company, wouldn’t you want to guarantee that candidates applying for jobs in your organization could state that they were treated fairly throughout the process? Tengai gives all candidates the same fair treatment, no matter their age, gender, looks, or ethnicity.

Enhanced Interview Experience

Based on 420 robot interviews and anonymously surveyed candidates:

said they could give a better/ more honest answer to the robot than to a human recruiter

stated they would like to be interviewed by a robot again

thought the interview was serious

Become A Partner Today

Do you want to offer your clients a HR-tech tool to mitigate unconscious bias from their recruitment interview process while also assessing and measuring personality traits linked to work performance? Do you want to give them the opportunity to increase efficiency, lower their cost and create higher quality from data-driven decisions?

Become a partner today and create new opportunities on your market to meet the need of the future of recruitment.

Book a demo today and learn how to become a partner to Tengai, the social interview robot.