Use AI to build your talent pipeline

To efficiently build a talent pipeline and grow your pool of candidates, you need to continuously interview and source applicants. With Tengai, you don’t have to limit how many applicants you want to include for the initial interview. The AI powered recruiting software can conduct hundreds or even thousands of screening interviews in just a brief and objectively assesses soft skills and personality traits. The interview analytics are developed to assist recruiters in making better hiring decisions while delivering a more equal candidate experience.

Enjoy screening candidates at scale

Candidate convenience

The screening interview can be done anywhere and at any time

Low cost

Automating the screening phase can decrease recruitment costs with 90%

Quality insights

Assess a large group of applicants through a data-driven method

Have talent on demand

Creating a talent pipeline can be an effort-intensive and time-consuming process. But when you automate the screening phase, you can efficiently build a ‘pool’ that consists of qualified candidates who are prepared to step up and fill relevant key roles. By having warm candidates, who already have been quality ensured, will reduce time-to-hire since it gives employers a way to tap into relevant talent on demand.

Read how recruitment and staffing agency TNG are using Tengai for their talent pipeline. 

Automate to efficiently build your talent pipeline

Eliminate the need to coordinate busy schedules with a phone screening and increase engagement by providing a candidate-friendly, job-relevant interview experience. With Tengai, candidates get instant feedback after completing the screening interview. Unlike a static video interview where you record yourself answering questions, conversational AI engages candidates in real-time. The interactive meeting is unique because it feels just like a real conversation – only smarter, effective, and more engaging. 

Get more statistics on the candidate’s experience. 

of candidates could give a more honest answer in the Tengai interview than to a human recruiter

No more CV sifting

Time is our most valuable resource and finding the right candidates can be time-consuming. With Tengai, you can spend 70% less time screening CVs and spend more time focused on the right candidates. The AI recruiting software don’t take appearance or background into account, you can find talents faster and identify the right people with the right competencies. Let Tengai handle the heavy lifting and use our custom evaluation to add any interview questions and set the personality traits that you find valuable for the role you’re hiring for.

Customer success stories

Åsa Edman Källströmmer TNG VD

– With Tengai we gained a scientific way to compare and select the best candidates. Without letting gut feeling affect the decision. I am convinced that Tengai will contribute to a more sustainable labor market, which is completely in line with our vision at TNG.

– Åsa Edman Källströmer, CEO, TNG.

Power your favorite tools

Now you can integrate Tengai into your applicant tracking systems to create a seamless process. No code is needed. It’s just that easy to make your ATS even more powerful.

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