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Innovate your recruitment process with Tengai. Our conversational AI engages candidates and delivers data-driven scoring. To improve the way you screen, assess and hire talent.

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Diversify your hiring and attract top talent

Spending hours sourcing candidates and sifting through resumes without an unfailing way to measure future work performance? With Tengai, you can automize the screening phase and get validated candidate recommendations. Our conversational AI engages applicants and keeps bias out of the early stages of the recruitment process. Developed to assist hiring teams with quality data and ensure a fair experience for every job-seeker.


Less time spent on screening resumes


Decrease in recruitment costs


Unbiased candidate shortlist

1. Automate the screening process

Tailor the assessment and increase quality

Start by adding screening questions and rank the personality traits in order of importance. Invite your colleagues and just like that; you have started your unbiased hiring process!

– With the launch of our new digital culture centre Space, we needed to scale our recruitment fast. With Tengai we managed to scale easily with automation while maintaining our high demand for candidate experience and diversity.

Johanna Nordin
HR Business Partner, Pophouse Entertainment

2. Engage candidates with conversational AI

Save time with a digital interview

Tengai can conduct 7 times more interviews than a human recruiter. Making it possible to including all job-seekers in the screening process. So you don’t miss or accidentally turn away top talent before the initial interview.

But what makes Tengai exceptional is the ability to carefully listen to the candidate’s answers, interpret meaning and deliver personalized feedback after each interview.

3. Find top competency

Download shortlist and expand your team

Once a candidate has finished with their interview, you can tune in and score interview audio. In order to really get to know each applicant better before selecting who to invite for the first interview. Finally, the scoring and shortlist is always adjusted based on your customizations. So you can make better hiring decisions and get quality results, every time.

Conversational AI & Unbiased Recruitment.

A combination validated by psychometric experts

When we talk to our clients and candidates, the most common question we get is how we can be sure that Tengai’s assessment is completely unbiased. So we asked psychometric experts to test both the framework and scoring to ensure its validity. The results confirms that Tengai accurately can measure and assess personality traits correlated to work performance. As well as successfully create a more unbiased and fair interview process.

Customer success stories

Åsa Edman Källströmmer TNG VD

– With Tengai we gained a scientific way to compare and select the best candidates, without letting gut-feeling effect the decision. I’m convinced that Tengai will contribute to a more sustainable labor market. Which is completely in line with our vision at TNG.

Åsa Edman Källströmer

Havva Ilhan Upplands-Bro och Tengai

– When it comes to the interview, I haven’t found another solution on the market that can ensure a completely bias-free process. By using Tengai, we have successfully been able to upgrade our recruitment process to be focused on competency. 

Havva Ilhan
Deputy Head of HR, Upplands-Bro Municipality

Tobias Bedinger DNB Case study with Tengai

– To grow on the Swedish market we had to try something new and Tengai made it possible to combine digital solutions with our focus on equality, inclusion and diversity. Having Tengai ensures that we don’t reject applicants because of our own prejudices.

Tobias Bedinger
HR Advisor, DNB

Why do candidates love Tengai?

As a job-seeker, you are assured a fair and exciting experience. Since Tengai never takes appearance or background into consideration. In addition to being safe, the digital meeting is also an opportunity for candidates to add more information to the application. By combining conversational AI and unbiased recruitment methods we have developed a fun candidate screening software. Which is both unique and engaging and this is reflected in our candidate feedback.

—Applying for a new job should be fun and exciting and that’s what we’ve managed to create with Tengai. 

Sinisa Strbac
CPO at Tengai


recommend Tengai to recruiters that care about diversity

would like to be interviewed like this again

could give a better/more honest answer than to a human recruiter

Candidate screening software integrations

Easy integrations with your ATS

Now you can integrate Tengai into your applicant tracking systems and quickly scale your screening process. Without needing to do any complicated coding. It’s that easy to make your ATS even more powerful with our candidate screening software.

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