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Tengai Interview Software with Conversational AI Mitigates Bias

Tengai  Interview software with conversational AI is Unbiased by design, Tengai is a fully automated interview software powered by 15 years of experience in unbiased recruitment. When integrated into the recruitment process, the conversational AI objectively assesses soft skills and personality traits through blind interviews. Tengai’s interview analytics and candidate recommendations assist recruiters and hiring managers to make better hiring decisions. Tengai mitigates unconscious bias and delivers a more honest, fair, and exciting candidate experience. Tengai Automated Interview Software with Conversational AI – Recruiting made simpler without unconscious bias.

High Quality

Tengai delivers a shortlist of recommended candidates and interview analytics with structured data that supports objective hiring decisions.


Sit back, relax - let Tengai handle your interviews for you. Possible to interview more candidates in the early stages of the process to find talents without being affected by unconscious bias, with automated interviews you can create a process at scale.

Low Cost

Multifaceted HR-tech tool that includes automatic scheduling, screening, interviewing and candidate assessments to save up to 90% of your recruitment costs.


Tengai doesn’t take appearance or background into account. By keeping bias out of the interview you can identify the right candidates with the right competencies.

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Creating Value

We work with a variety of clients and industries and we understand real challenges in finding and attracting candidates without being affected by bias.

Our conversational AI recruitment technology is validated and proven to objectively assess general work performance, identify competent candidates and reduce the risk of faulty recruitments.

Tengai Automated Interview Software with Conversational AI – 100% competency

The job interview is one of the most important stages of the recruitment process. But it is also a risk zone, since it is under major influence of bias.

Today we know that human recruiters and hiring managers will make unconscious judgments about candidates. Which are completely irrelevant to performance and competency and are usually based on factors such as handshake, tone of voice or lack of eye contact.

Voice 40%
Handshake 55%
Eye Contact 65%

A Unique Candidate Experience

With Tengai Digital Video Interview


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